The Fusion Story

Fusion International is one of the very few companies in the Marine Industry that actually started with a business plan. Even before the Fusion 40 was designed, the company had a step by step plan in which to enter this very competitive area of Multihull manufacture.

After producing the first revolutionary Kits in Australia, it was time to take the next step in the development of itʼs International Foundations and that was to source the Company and Country in which to manufacture the components. Fusion was in a position where it could choose any country, but a visit to beautiful Thailand and an inspection of the Cobra/CMI facility, it set in place a wonderful partnership, that has seen in excess of 60 Fusions produced to date.

I hope the following images and text allows you to understand further the manufacturing company of the Fusion.

What makes the Fusion International/CMI/Cobra relationship so successful is the common goals of producing the best possible products to the highest standards using the latest technology.

The following images give an insight into the facility, its capabilities, diversity,staff and committment to the Composites Industry

Enthusiastic, dedicated team members are a crucial part of the high quality Fusion components produced within CMI.

Awaiting the arrival of the Fusion 40 moulds

Modern facilities such as these are well lit, humidity controlled and airconditioned. In the background is the Oven, Paint Shop and Infusion area.

Fusion 40 moulds are being re-assembled following their sea voyage from Australia.

Fusion Team members train the laminators in the various aspects of Fusion's dry layup prior to Resin Infusion.

The end result is a product that truly leads the world, not only in concept and technology but also in Design, as the Fusion 40 was voted the best looking Catamaran under 42 feet.

Other Facilities and Infrastructure offered at Cobra/CMI, include the following:


7 bar high tech autoclave used by Cobra in order to produce composite parts for well known high quality European and Japanese automobile and motorcycle companies

CNC Routers for metal and composies

Laser Cutters are available for accurately cutting any substrate, and are especially good with panels such as Fusion Pre Cut Furniture.

Another aspect of the quality processes are the clean rooms.

The ability to carry large stocks of woven Fibreglass, Foam, Resins etc, ensures purchasing at very good prices, therefore having a product that is competitive.

Facilities also include the Meeting Rooms

and the import and export offices.

We hope these photos and words help you to understand the enormous resources and investment that has been made in the company that produces your Fusion 40 components, and you will agree with us when we say, “itʼs the best of the best”.

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