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Fusion 40 Kit

The Fusion 40 "Kit Cat" is revolutionising the boatbuilding industry. This vessel has been designed from the beginning as a high performance cruising catamaran that can be stacked into 40 foot containers and freighted anywhere in the world.

This photograph shows the infusion moulded components as they would appear when removed from the container. Complete with moulded non skid and all the recesses for hatches and portlights. The components even have individual quality control certificates.

Construction Flexibilty:

By producing this modern catamaran in modules, which in turn fit in containers, it has meant delivery is simple and it has opened the doors to worldwide marketing of the Fusion 40. The cost savings on overseas shipping as deck cargo, is in excess of $40,000.00. Private contractors are available to assist with assemblies to any stage if you desire.

By producing a catamaran in sections also has great appeal to the professional boatbuilder as well as amateurs, as they can install mechanical and furniture items as they assemble, rather than working in confined spaces.
No longer are you dictated to, Fusion Catamaran Co. supplies the structural components along with the hull and deck sections but leaves the entire fitout and layout to the owner. This allows the builder to work with their preferred materials, and allows for personal preferences as to accommodation and functions. However Fusion Catamarans have a very comprehensive Multihull Construction Guide web site to support clients.
By producing the supplied components in Foam/Glass, they are weather proof and even if your build project ran into years, there will be no deterioration, shrinkage, dry rot, etc., of the components
Instead of spending 6 months gluing strips and planks, then glassing over and fairing, fairing, fairing only to finish up with a product that has small appeal to another buyer, you can now have a beautifully gelcoated, factory finish on your Catamaran, which can be assembled in as little as 12 days (4 men).
Having gelcoated, fibreglass, foam cored and production built components (to Class "A" CE Certification) provides comfort to the owners that his vessel will be highly sought after when it comes time to sell.
Also by having a worldwide marketing base through the Agent/Builder network, an owner can gain comfort in the fact that anywhere he travels he can be assured of a helping hand as well as recognition of his Fusion.
Whilst these pictures above were taken during the assembly of the test boat in Fusion's facility, the pictures at the below show assembly can be achieved in more simple surroundings.



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