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At sea safety is paramount, from the high saloon door coaming to the wide flat decks - from the self contained engine room to the full internal tank liner - from the sacrificial mini keels to the high bridge deck clearance, every thought has been given to the seaworthiness and your safety endorsed by CE Class A certification for our Fusion40 kit-set.

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As soon as you take your 1st step aboard the LaPassion, you appreciate the wide landing platform, the walk through transom, the large tripple door saloon access, full headroom throughout, opening windows, hatches and portlights for perfect ventilation. The full Queen sized berths with plenty of head room for sitting up and large walk in robe for the master cabin with generous ensuite space in the guest cabin. With over 30 Interior layout choices or using the moulded furniture package you can design your perfect boat. The design ensures, that while you enjoy performance sailing, your family feels safe, comfortable, and well cared for.
What you will like about the Fusion Kit Catamaran approach is every boat can be unique. Whilst each exterior will exhibit the quality of the Fusion production moulding system, each interior can be as individual as you wish. Your boat can have a 7 star interior, if that is what you desire, or it can have a basic camping style using bean bags and blow up mattresses. It's all up to you and your imagination.
The infusion method of manufacture employs procedures and materials used in the aerospace and defence industries. Infusion by vacuum gives a better result than the pre-impregnated or chopper-gun systems because it helps prevent air bubbles in the laminate and also gives a more controlled fibre/resin ratio.

The infusion process is carried out within an enclosed environment, hence a very environmentally friendly process. This layup method allows the cloth and cores to be laid with precision and uniformity before the infusion, which guarantees bonding quality.

The components are manufactured using enhanced epoxy modified vinylester resin with a guaranteed high Tg. The vinylester is a resin that provides results comparable to epoxy, and helps eliminate the chance of Osmosis. We admit, it is a high quality process at the top end of the industry, but we believe your peace of mind and safety deserve only the best.
Partnerships with Suppliers
Fusion have negotiated great kit deals with leading manufacturers such as Multipanel, Yanmar, Lewmar, Wichard, Pro-furl, Hyde Sails, Glacier-Bay, E-Plex, FGI, BLA etc., so you can take advantage of these savings when building your LaPassion

Marina free Independence can be a reality with the Fusion Kit Catamaran. It has the volume to have self sufficiency in water making, on board washing appliances, diesel electric drive systems, and aircons are more the norm than the exception. Then when it's time to slip, you can sit high and dry on your mini keels.
Time is money, and with an average build time around 3000 hours, to produce a basic LaPassion, owners find they have a nice asset with the finished vessel. Some owners take advantage of the mobile assembly crew if they have the space but not the time to build, or others may use any of the "Assembly Agents" to produce a vessel to a certain stage. Such has been the demand for these boats on the Used Boat market that resale prices are pleasantly surprising, and some Boatbuilders are building them as "spec" boats.
Fusion Community
The Fusion "Commumity" as it is fondly known has grown from the family atmosphere sponsored by Fusion and its support mechanisms. When the containers are delivered, Fusion's support really starts, whether it is the FREE detailed Plans, the FREE Information access and Build Website, our assembly team, the "COST PRICE" materials and the DIRECT access to manufacturers and suppliers Fusion want you to have the best at the best price.
Environmentally Conscious
It was obvious to Fusion, 4 years ago when this modern approach to Catamaran manufacturing and distribution was first discussed that the conventional boat building methods were not only archaic but extremely unfriendly to our environment. Unlike most boat building companies Fusion spared no expense in producing special moulds designed for the Infusion process and from boat 1 all of it's boats have been produced in an enclosed manufacturing environment, with no solvents escaping into the air.

Fusion also actively encourage the use of the more friendly Diesel/Electric systems, reducing oil usage and lowering emissions. Solar Panels, water makers, Wind generators and the latest electrical-bus system packages along with the electronic antifoul barrier place Fusions direction at the leading edge.
The Fusion Kit Catamaran was designed primarily as a performance cruising catamaran. It is a vessel that will allow you to enjoy the conveniences of a multihull, and also enjoy the sailing abilities of a good mono. It was not designed as a Race Boat, however there are several that do regularly race, and with success. In its standard configuration it will surprise the purist and if your priority is performance, then extra options such as centre boards, twin helm stations, extended rig and carbon components are available.
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