Our Technology

The Fusion 40 has been designed and engineered using state-of-the-art technology. The result is an exceptionally innovative, attractive and safe boat with performance geared to your lifestyle.

All Fusion components are moulded in house using industry-leading modular vacuum infusion technology. By using modified vinylester resins, the Fusion 40 has a strong composite structure with weight kept to a minimum. Along with outstanding performance, this technology offers excellent protection against osmosis.

Applying all the latest computer modeling technology the entire boat was cut up into easy to handle components to make up the kit.

From these CAD drawings each component was then precision cut using 5 axis CAM technology (or more simply, a huge robot). All the components were cut complete with overlapping and joggled flanges for easy alignment during the assembly stage.

The CAM technology means every part fits….deck fit to hulls, cockpit fits to transom, wingdeck integrates, etc and all are guided by the alignment joggles that are moulded into the parts.

During the assembly there is no need for special equipment to bond all the components together. A delight for the amateur builder and a godsend for the professional production boatbuilder as thousands of hours are saved during the construction.

The Fusion Engineering Team then applied the latest in processing technology to manufacture each component. Vacuum Infusion was chosen and all the moulds and tooling were constructed to accommodate this process. Vacuum Infusion greatly improves the fiber-to-resin ratio, and results in a stronger and lighter product. Only the highest quality materials are used. Each component has a gelcoated hard wearing surface. For the sandwich laminate we use Diab 80 kg density PVC Cores. The resin system used throughout is modified epoxy vinyl ester and the reinforcement is E-glass triaxial stitched fabric.

The result is an exceptionally lightweight, attractive and structurally safe catamaran geared to your lifestyle.

The Fusion 40 uses leading-edge technologies throughout the boat to enhance safety, comfort and performance. For example, we use the Electrical-Bus System, a next-generation multiplexing technology especially designed for complex environments like yachts. The Electrical-Bus System product line features intuitive user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules sensors and software to electronically connect engines, generators, lighting, audio/video and other equipment. The result is a seamless monitoring and control solution. 

Fusion Catamarans is dedicated to using best-of-breed technologies to ensure the best possible experience on the water for you. Contact us to find out how our innovative catamarans can enhance your lifestyle.

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